Redshirts: The Tor Essentials Edition is Out Today

The latest edition of the book, propped up against the Hugo it won.

Surprise! I have a book out today!

It’s the “Tor Essentials” edition of Redshirts, my Hugo and Locus Award-winning novel about a doomed spaceship crew trying to change their fate.

What’s different about this edition from previous editions?

1. Slightly updated cover graphics!

2. A kind and lovely introduction by my friend (and Hugo, Locus and Nebula Award winner) Mary Robinette Kowal!

3. Some minor typo corrections!

Aaaaaaand that’s pretty much it. So if you already have it, you probably don’t need to upgrade (unless you really want to read Mary Robinette’s intro, which, again, is just lovely). But! If you’ve not gotten it already, or have it and have been planning to gift it to someone else, well, here you go, it’s all shiny and new. Go get it, folks. And thanks again for letting me write books for a living. You are all seriously cool and I appreciate you a lot.

— JS

7 Comments on “Redshirts: The Tor Essentials Edition is Out Today”

  1. Nice looking edition. I loved that book. Now I can tell my friends that have not read it that, “yes, it’s still in print, in fact there is a new edition out…”

    An extra thanks to Tor for supporting you in this way.

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