Happy (Approximate) Birthday, Charlie

Charlie, sitting in the yard.

We got Charlie on March 20, and we were told at the time she was about five or six months old, which means she was probably born around this time in October of last year. We decided for convenience that we’d pick October 20 to be her birthday, because it made sense to us and she wouldn’t really care one way or another, because she’s a dog.

So: Happy birthday, Charlie! You are largely a delightful dog, although like any dog you have your moments of exasperating trash eating and sneaking up on furniture and rolling around in dead animals in the yard. On balance, however, we are happy to have you as part of the pack. May this (approximate) birthday be a good one (spoiler: We’ll be giving you extra treats today) and may this next turn around the sun be full of naps, snacks, and playfighting with Smudge. Enjoy it, pup. You’re a good dog. Well, mostly.

— JS

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  1. Um, I guess math wasn’t your strong suit. Six months from March 20 is SEPTEMBER 20, not October.

  2. Jeff M:


    Also: October, November, December, January, February, March = SIX MONTHS SO THERE.

    Also also, I’ve amended to “five or six months,” which is what the vet actually said, to forestall any further complaints about the math.


  3. Happy Birthday, Charlie! Thank you for all the photos you pose for so I can have cute doggo pics handy in my browser. (My good boy is no less photogenic, but his pics aren’t as handy when I’m at work.)

  4. Happy Birthday Charlie from Kootenay in Manitoba. Keep on getting on the furniture and other things those people find objectionable. When you’re cute you can do anything you want and they will forgive you. Trust me on this, I’ve made that my modus operandi for over 2 years now.

  5. We adopted our dog Lucy in May of some year at least 10 years ago. They told us she was 2 1/2, so we decided her birthday must be on Thanksgiving, so she can eat turkey to celebrate.

    Lucy has decided that anytime any sort of turkey comes out of the fridge, it must be Thanksgiving and thus her birthday. I cannot argue with her logic. Since I am a man who enjoys him a turkey sandwich, Thanksgiving comes up in our house with surprising frequency. At a rough guess, Lucy is at least 300 years old at this point, but does Guinness accept that? They do not.

  6. When i read “sneaking up on the furniture,” I have to admit i envisioned Charlie pouncing like a cat on an unsuspecting ottoman.

  7. When people ask if our dogs are “good dogs”, I usually reply that they are good at being dogs. Sounds like Charlie has nailed that as well. Happy Birthday!

  8. Charlie … all the best. Enjoy your birthday burrito.
    Might be a good day to try for the furniture.

  9. Happy birthday Charile.
    I am happy that you are getting along with Smudge.
    Go on an adventure and together bring back a dead animal for your humans. They will appreciate your care.
    Bonus points if they find it in the dark by stepping on it.
    They will scream so loud, you will know that you are successful.

  10. My kitty girl’s approximate birthdate is March 2014, and my birthday is the 21st, so we share a birthday because I said so. I have a few years on her obviously.

    Happy belated birthday, Charlie! You’re a good dog!

  11. For Bill, above,
    How nice to remember Bela Lugosi’s birthday. It was either him or Boris Karloff who met an adult who told him that as a boy he sent a fan letter.
    “Are you from Canada?”
    “That was the only fan letter I ever got!”

  12. For Sean,

    Well, I’m half-Canadian. My mom was a Newfoundlander. She was born on the west coast but we were stationed later in St. John’s on the east coast. Maybe the boy who sent the fan letter was a relative of mine. In any case I’m appreciative of both Boris & Bela. I saw my first monster movies in

  13. For Sean,

    Well, I’m half-Canadian. My mom was born in Newfoundland. Maybe the boy with the fan letter was a relative of mine. I saw my first monster movies in St. John’s. I’m a fan of both Bela and Boris.

  14. It’s my birthday, too! So happy to share a day with such a good girl. Viggo Mortensen is my birthday boyfriend and you are now my birthday girlfriend!