Yeah, Okay, So, Maybe I Bought Another Guitar, So What

Krissy and the Les Paul

I’d been thinking of getting a Les Paul, and this blacked-out special edition was speaking to me aesthetically, so, what the hell, I got it. I showed it to Krissy when it arrived and it spoke to her personal aesthetic sense as well, so that helps.

That said, no more guitars for me I swear. I have more than enough. Honest! Stop looking at me like that! I mean it!

Also, procedural note: I’m traveling on personal business starting tomorrow, so updating here may be sparse through the weekend. Please occupy your time however you see fit.

— JS

30 Comments on “Yeah, Okay, So, Maybe I Bought Another Guitar, So What”

  1. You need N+1 of those things* where N is the number you currently own.

    guitars, cats, cars, fancy scarves, burritos, whatever it is for you. For me it’s bikes.

  2. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to fighting an addiction, Scalzi. Methinks you’re not there yet…

  3. As long as Krissy feels a need to model guitars, then I think it’s in everyone’s best interest for you to keep buying guitars.

    When Krissy gets to the point she wants to record with you, you’ll need more recording equipment.

    When Krissy is ready for you to put together a joint download package, you’ll need new camera equipment for graphics.

    Krissy hanging in the home studio will make John a happy boy,

  4. You bought a guitar without holding it and checking it out first? The Internet is great for buying socks or laptop computers but I’d never buy a guitar that my hands and ears haven’t first approved. Just sayin’.

  5. Ahh, I remember my Les Paul days, back when I had a derelict vintage (50s) Junior and repainted it (transparent dark blue with a slight pearl to it).

    Fun times.

    When my band regrouped and I wound up on bass instead of rhythm, was surprised to discover that the larger bass weighed less.

    Looks lovely!

  6. “Please occupy your time however you see fit. ”

    Umm, are you sure you want to open discussion at that level of freedom? Anyone up for a debate on the Great Burrito Schism Of Our Age? Or ‘Who best played Paul Atreides in the different film versions of Dune?’

    (And let Wil Wheaton guest-wield The Mallet…)

  7. Second that N+1 thing. I only have 6. Or maybe 7. Unless you count that weird one. I only need one more. Maybe a Gretsch. Or something with P90s. Or another bass. Maybe a baritone?

  8. Hey guitar fans, my book club recently read a book called The Birth of Loud by Ian Port and while I thought for sure it would not be of interest to me (not a musician), it is accessible and fascinating reading of the culture from big bands up to now with the competition between Les Paul and Leo Fender. And there’s a Spotify playlist (of course)!

  9. As another person who also plays guitar—you never stop buying guitars. As Mark Twain said about smoking: “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”

  10. My opinion of this is that as long as Krissy is okay with it then my opinion is totally irrelevant.

  11. You just need to change your collection direction and start collecting acoustic guitars :)

  12. It’s called GAS… Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. Saying things like “That said, no more guitars for me I swear” is one of the first symptoms. ;) Other lies you’ll eventually be telling yourself is “I’ll sell off one of my old ones to make room for this new one” and “But this one is such a great deal that I couldn’t pass it up.”

  13. We love our Rescues for all that they are, and are not… Guitar procuring, like chewing holes in the carpet, is forgivable… Safe and successful journey to you! Have a great weekend!

  14. No more guitars? OK. But John, to complete your collection you just GOTTA get a Les Paul concert ukulele!

    Seriously. I own one, and this is an instrument worthy of Les Paul. The workmanship and finish are superb. Nice low action makes it a pleasure to play. I’ve made several recordings with mine, e.g.,

    I can pretty much guarantee you’ll love it.

  15. So…

    A) Your hot wife is even hotter holding a guitar
    B) Looks like she’s fingering a C chord, which makes her hotter as evidentially she knows her way around a fret board.

    If a genie ever grants me 3 wishes wish number one will be “I want to be John Scalzi”.

  16. I have no idea if she can play or not, but Chrissy totally looks like she belongs in a band.

  17. I am now forcibly reminded of the Clash line about “one of them had a Les Paul heart attack machine.” So congratulations on your very own heart attack machine! I suspect that Krissy looks far cooler than you do playing it, and that this may drive any and all future guitar purchases (says the person who has a conservative 6 guitars, if you count the one my college kid trekked cross-country with, and I bought them ALL for my musical family I swear).

  18. Don’t fight GAS. Accept it as part of the process. Besides, you really need a black Gibson SG to match that Les Paul.

    Chrissy looks absolutely badass playing that.

    For the person looking for a beginner guitar. Epiphone and Fender have multiple affordable models but you should really hold one in your hands to make sure it’s right for you. All guitars need to be set up, don’t just buy one off the rack. If you buy through Sweetwater, they’ll set it up BUT it’s always best to buy local.

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