Signed SF/F Books to Support Charity

My good pal James Cambias, who not entirely incidentally here is a terrific science fiction author, passes along this note to me about a fundraiser for the town he lives in:

“The non-profit Friends of Deerfield are conducting an online auction beginning October 22, with dozens of items including sports memorabilia, antiques — and signed first editions by science fiction and fantasy authors in western Massachusetts. Featuring works by Elizabeth Bear, James Cambias, John Crowley, Paul Park, and Allen Steele. Proceeds support the Deerfield 350th Celebration in 2023. Visit the auction site at

So, hey: If you like signed science fiction first editions — and helping cities celebrate birthdays! — then today’s your lucky day. Check out these auctions.

— JS

5 Comments on “Signed SF/F Books to Support Charity”

  1. I live near Deerfield, Massachusetts and had no idea how many SF authors lived here. I knew about Allen Steele because of all the Western MA references in many of his books which are always fun to see.

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