First Frost

Frost on a rose bud.

It was inevitable, and it happened this morning: The first substantial frost of the season. My entire yard is tipped in tiny ice crystals, which is beautiful, and also cold, and as you can see above, even the roses are rimmed with it. The frost won’t last — it’s already melting in the morning sun — but it’ll be back, and it’s a reminder of the season it is, and what’s to come soon.

— JS

11 Comments on “First Frost”

  1. That’s a gardener’s heartbreak, John, but here in Upstate New York, we’re still marveling for having made it nearly to November without a hard frost. I mutter into my sleeve: climate change is a gardener’s friend…

  2. Here in coastal Maine, we’re dealing with Nor’easter that’s left us with six inches of rain so far and winfpds hitting upwards of sixty miles per hour. I just moved to a nice, warm apartment, so I’ll stay in and watch it from here.

  3. John, I am concerned. We are less than a week out from election day, and I haven’t seen a single get-out-the-vote post from you.

    Are you getting complacent just because the former guy is out of office?

  4. Beautiful! Did you use your cell phone camera or an actual camera? If the latter, what lens did you use?