A Small Gallery of Pixel 6 Pro Photos, With Dogs and Plants

For those who were wondering what the photo quality of the Pixel 6 Pro is, I present to you a small collection of photos I just took with the new phone. Save for a small bit of cropping on a couple, these photos are otherwise as they came out of the camera; I haven’t done any photoediting (also, these were JPGs out of the camera; I didn’t shoot RAW format). These are also at varying levels of telephoto zoom, up to 4x. Clicking on any of the photos will bring up the photo gallery so you can see them at full crop.

Early verdict: Very good camera, albeit with a couple of tics I’ve noticed (primarily with focusing while zoomed in). I’m going to shoot with it a bit more before rendering any final pronouncements. But overall I’m quite pleased so far.

— JS

12 Comments on “A Small Gallery of Pixel 6 Pro Photos, With Dogs and Plants”

  1. If you have that many crabapples (I’m guessing those are crabapples, rather than regular apples), they make very good jelly.

  2. Wow, impressive quality. I’m viewing them on a new iPad Pro, so my viewing capability matches the quality of the photos, which is important. I joke about television commercials for the latest TVs saying, “Look at that picture! Much better than our TV!” 😆

  3. I haven’t setup my Pixel 6 but I noticed it shipped with a cover over the camera bar. Did you remove it? It seems kind of like it should be removed but it also doesn’t seem easy to do.

  4. Impressive. Also lovely. Although I have to say that in my experience (which goes back to film and darkroom), the person behind the camera (or, nowadays, the image postprocessing software) is at the very least as important, if not more so, than the actual equipment. My compliments to you in that regard!

    You inspire me to start playing more seriously with an unexpected present: my mobile provider, probably unaware that I’d bought several phones on the open market since signing up with them years ago, apparently thought I still had only a 3G phone. In an effort to keep me as a customer even though they’re shutting down their 3g nework, they sent me–for free, with no hidden charges!–a very nicely refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 9, with a 12 MP camera that can shoot RAW.

    Not quite as good, or as versatile, as either of my 7 to 10 year old DSLRs (one modified for hydrogen-alpha astrophotography, but still fine for terrestrial use with manual white balance)…but “the best camera for any situation is the one you have with you.”

    Of course, with a little preparation you can have the right camera with you: on a hike in the Sierra Nevada many, many years ago, I came around a corner on the trail to encounter Ansel Adams shooting with an 11 x 14 Deardorff view camera…and with two assistants and three pack horses…

  5. The quality the camera provides is excellent, and does justice to the photos.

    However, what makes these pictures impressive isn’t the camera, it’s the photographer. Your sense of the subject matter, the composition, the light and the colors in the image, the story each picture tells, the pleasing arrangement of all the elements, and more — no camera can give those elements where they don’t already exist. You’re an exceptional photographer.

  6. My son just bought the smaller version of that phone, and last night was showing me the “remove people” (or whatever it’s called) feature in photos. He had the previous phones and like you, thinks that the phones are excellent.

    Do you ever use that feature to remove stray humans from your photos?