Reminder: Two Weeks (More or Less) Left to Vote For the Hugos This Year

Also, yes, the following is true.

I do not encourage you to vote for The Interdependency in the Best Series category just to see me accept dressed as a Christmas Elf. However, if you after sober consideration decide that The Interdependency is your top choice in the category or somewhere close to it (remember, the Hugo is a ranked vote), then watching me accept dressed as a Christmas Elf will be a delightful bonus.

However you vote, remember to do it soon! Or, uh, you won’t get to vote at all, I suppose.

— JS

5 Comments on “Reminder: Two Weeks (More or Less) Left to Vote For the Hugos This Year”

  1. I feel like I ought to say how I voted, but then again that would be a little unkind if I didn’t put your series first.

  2. David Goldfarb (et al):

    Indeed, in general it’s perfectly fine not to say how one voted to the people whose work is under consideration.

    Also, if one does decide one must tell someone they’ve voted for them, one should not take that opportunity to slag the other finalists.

    Additionally, if one does decide to tell someone they did not vote for them, they should wonder if there is some sort of medication or meditation practice they can take or do that will rein in their impulse to be an asshole.

  3. Reminds me of the time about 15-20 years ago that I met former Presidential candidate George McGovern. I told him that I did not vote for him in 1972. I of course immediately followed up by saying that the reason was that I was under 18 at the time, so they wouldn’t let me vote.

  4. Yeah, I’m not sure what came over me there. (I could try to weasel and say, “I’m not saying I didn’t put you first” but obviously if I had then I wouldn’t be displaying reluctance.) I’m sorry.

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