Charlie and Smudge Are Friends, 11/11/21

Smudge is curled up in a napping ball, and Charlie is draped over the ottoman right next to him.

Honestly I should probably just write a series of beloved children’s picture books about these two.

Also Charlie isn’t supposed to be up on the ottoman like this, but of course the Rule of Pet Photography (“If it’s cute, it’s allowed, until the picture is taken”) applies here.

Also hopefully until just this second you didn’t notice I hastily Photoshopped my leg out of the photo there on the far right. And if you indeed did not notice until just this second, it proves my pets are attention-grabbers.

— JS

16 Comments on “Charlie and Smudge Are Friends, 11/11/21”

  1. Our pictures of #SamSam (cat) & Daisy (dog) together Daisy looks like she is mortified at being so close to that …. cat. Heavens!

  2. We know that the Scamperbeasts have both accepted Charlie. Good to know that Smudge has come around. How is Zeus feeling about her?

  3. What is Smudge’s opinion of the great ball or stick debate?

    4 cats in 1 house? How many cats are you allowed to have before an “intervention” is staged?

  4. The usual rule is “more than three and you’re a crazy cat lady”. Not sure how it applies to non-ladies.

  5. I’d buy those books for the small people in my life… and probably myself as well if I’m being completely honest.

  6. I feel compelled to point out the inequity of Smudge having ottoman residence rights whilst poor Charlie is doomed to post photo-opportunity eviction. Charlie is much too good natured to begrudge this, should she in fact ever notice…

  7. Next on CNN: is noted author John Scalzi hiding a far right secret? Anderson Cooper investigates.

  8. Border Collies are allegedly the most intelligent breed of dogs. Yet in the 12 years she was with us, Lily never figured out that cats (in general) and Siamese ones (in particular) are not herd animals. A constant challenge for her, an unending source of semi-indulgent “dog…you really need to get a life…” for them.

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