Your Transgressing Dog Photo of the Day

Charlie, on the chair in my office.

Charlie knows she is not allowed up on the furniture. And she always looks guilty and ashamed when she is caught on the furniture. And yet she does not stop climbing up on the furniture. Which suggests that in fact she is not ashamed at all. I’m on to you, Charlie.

— JS

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  1. Look, John, give it up.

    You and Krissy have things to do. You have to write and manage your business. Krissy has here job. You have grocery shopping and yardwork and travel and…and…and…

    Charlie has ONE THING to do. Wear you down about the urniture-fay ing-thay. That’s it. Take it from me, the dog WILL wear you down, and the end WILL be identical. Might as well cut to the chase and avoid all the wasted effort.

  2. Does Charlie have an equally cosy nest on the floor? Could you maybe find her an old chair of her own?

  3. You don’t let the dog on the furniture? YOU MONSTER.


    My dog is currently sleeping on the couch with a blanket laid on top of her. She’s not spoiled; she’s living exactly the life she deserves.

  4. What Charlie actually knows is that she is not allowed to be caught up on the furniture.

  5. For everyone demanding pup furniture rights:

    Charlie has several chairs of her own. SEVERAL. They are all very comfy. Her comfort is not the issue here. Her being a forbidden furniture snurtcher is.

  6. “If you did not want me to sit on this chair, you would not have put this nice blanket on it. Would you?”

  7. I’m not seeing shame. I’m seeing the same piercing look of defiance my dog always got when she was doing something she knew I didn’t like.

    I love you, Charlie. You go, girl.

  8. Sure, you may be onto her. But what are you gonna do about it? Surely you’re not going to reprimand or punish a dog who looks so ashamed? You couldn’t be so cruel, could you??

    (And THAT’S what the ashamed/guilty look accomplishes. :) )

  9. Hello, I am Charlie’s lawyer. It has been brought to our attention that your cats are allowed to go everywhere, but Charlies is confined to a few worn out chairs and a flea ridden bed thing.

    That is clearly discrimination and social media will not stand for a supposed SJW doing that.

    Cease and desist or we will out you.

  10. It’s not “ashamed”, it’s “for some reason every time I get up here he gets upset and I don’t like upset”. Guilt for what they do doesn’t exist for dogs, only expressing a reaction to what you do.

  11. That’s because she knows if she looks guilty, you’ll think it’s cute and take a picture rather than chasing her right off.

    Charlie is very smart…for a dog. Must be from her hanging out with Smudge so much.

  12. Charlie has good reason to be confused. CATS are on the furniture all the time. People are on the furniture. Why is it only Charlie who is banned?

  13. Charlie is just trying to warm up the chair for you. You should be more grateful that she is willing to break the house law to increase your comfort.

  14. The dachsund we had when I was a kid knew she wasn’t allowed on the furniture. When we came in the front door from an errand, she would be innocently lying on the living room floor. And the cushioned rocking chair would be rocking.

  15. It’s been a long time since there was a dog in my life. He was not allowed on the furniture, which did not bother him at all, as he didn’t want to sit there. He wanted to sit on his people’s laps. That is plural, because he was a big dog. What we called a three-lap lapdog. So, if he could get three of us on the sofa, he could climb up and get comfy without ever touching the furniture.

  16. My brother used to have a dog, Winnie, who wasn’t allowed on the furniture. He though he had trained her well to stay off. One day my parents were at his house and he had to go out for a while. Winnie waited until she heard the car leave the driveway and made herself comfortable on the couch.

  17. Charlie sees that throw blankets or afghans are on most of your furniture. Cats are allowed to enjoy these cosy spots. Of course she should’t feel guilty.

  18. Dogs are people, they will sit wherever human and cat people do, especially if it’s comfortable and near their favorite person. Why ban her from certain items? She’s doing no harm, and the furniture is both cleanable and replaceable. She’s not. Honestly, we have had drooling English Mastiffs, muddy Huskies, and teething pitbulls, and never once have I prioritized a single inch of upholstery over my dogs and cats. I’m actually kind of boggled that you have off limits furniture. Really? Really, John?

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