The first substantial snowfall of the season. I prefer the first snowfall to happen after Thanksgiving, but I guess the weather doesn’t actually care about my needs or wants, so. Here it is, mostly in slow motion, because it’s prettier that way. I go now to hibernate until April.

— JS

15 Comments on “BOOOOO SNOW BOOOOO”

  1. You’re in the Midwest. Snow after 10 November is a common occurrence. You have four distinct seasons. Here in the Inland Empire, we have two seasons: rainy and fire. In WI, our seasons are winter and construction. That and mosquitoes that can carry off a smallish child.

  2. Good thing you don’t live in Manitoba. We too got our first snow this week but that is far later than usual. Normally the snow starts around Hallowe’en and sometimes even earlier. Just a few years ago we had a dump of wet heavy snow on our Thanksgiving (you know, at the right time of year when the harvest has just finished i.e. the second Monday in October) and many trees were damaged because they still had leaves.

  3. It is snowing here too in NE Ohio (rural Portage County to be exact). You’ve got really big flakes! I’d attach a picture of my snow-covered Collie, but I can’t figure out how. Sorry.

  4. Facebook helpfully reminded me a few days ago that it snowed in our portion of coastal Virginia around this time two years ago. So even in VA it’s not unheard of for the snow and ice to start about now, even if we don’t get anywhere near as much per annum as you do in Ohio.
    I echo your sentiments about hibernating until April. I hate the cold, but not enough to move further south to escape it entirely.

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