RIP, Petra Mayer

This is one of those “wait, what?” deaths, in that Petra as I knew her was so absolutely full of life and energy that the idea all of that would come to a sudden stop is a little breath-taking. I knew Petra through science fiction and through the JoCo Cruise, where she was always in attendance when I DJed a dance. The fact that she enthusiastically flew the science fiction and fantasy flag at NPR meant that I and quite a few other writers got more serious attention paid to our work than we might otherwise have gotten. She was definitely one of the behind-the-scenes movers in nudging genre literature closer to the mainstream. She should be honored and remembered for that. But I will mostly remember her as my friend.

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I will very much miss her influence on the annual book concierge selections. She was an unapologetic advocate for genre fiction. As someone who reads a lot of genre fiction, I always knew she would provide a list of very enjoyable reads.

John, I’m sorry that you lost a friend.

It’s such a damn shame and I always really loved and appreciated her work. Her love of her job came through so much and it was obvious how much passion and effort she put into it. This didn’t hit me the same way as my father dying last week (I mean, how could it?) but it still hit me.

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