Just FYI

We’ve decided what the 2023 novel will be.

I’m very happy with the choice we’ve made.

I’m pretty sure you will be as well.

In, uh, 2023.

17 Comments on “Just FYI”

  1. grumble

    now I gotta dust off my time machine… jump forward two years… come back to here ‘n now… fracking Amazon refuses to sell e-books before they’re written…

  2. And in early 2024 I will be retiring. It will give me plenty of time to read all of your new and old novels.

  3. Okay, so that brings up a question I’ve been wondering:

    How much of your ten book contract was a fixed road map?

    And how much was it just to show that you were good for ten book ideas, but with the expectation that you might well have better ideas as the decade rolled on?

  4. Good!
    Speaking as a fan, all I can say is … “just so long as it’s written/published!”

    So? Stop this silly reading, and GET TO WORK!

    (Looking forward to the new works)

  5. So curious, in deciding the novel do you start outlining it or writing now, or do you start 6 months of research? I guess a lot depends on the story.

    Either way, hope you have fun writing it. I will do my best to catch up reading your previous work that is still on my TBR shelf. See, we both have homework here… ;-)

  6. I’m not familiar with all the intricacies of ‘post-production’ in publishing but it seems odd that Tor isn’t pushing for ‘more, faster’ from a big-contract author.

    (And, truth, I’m a content gobbler, so I’d like more and sooner just for me. Hoping the next one is either an OMW or Lock In sequel.)

  7. Great! Phase II of The Collapsing Empire! “The Reign of @%&^!@^* Kiva” or ” Fifty Shades of Grayland” or…

  8. Love the teaser trailer!

    That aside, a process question: Does 2023 refer to when you’ll write the novel or the publication date?

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