Sunset, 11/16/21 + Quick Status Check

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve posted a sunset picture here, so, hey! Look! It’s a sunset! And a lovely one, too, with orange clouds and the sun through branches and everything. You’re welcome. I’ll try to get in a few more before we finally roll 2021 up and chuck it out the window.

Also, as a general note, things are both good and interesting in my life at the moment, and the two don’t always sync up — “good” is often uninteresting, and “interesting” is not always good — but recently they have. I’m liking it. It does mean that for the moment a substantial amount of my attention is focused on the offline world, which has meant generally brief updatery here. This is how it sometimes is, which is why I’m letting you know: All is well! Pretty darn well, actually. Hope everything is well for you, too.

— JS

9 Comments on “Sunset, 11/16/21 + Quick Status Check”

  1. (Also, on the off chance that you think you might know what’s going on in my offline life at the moment: There’s a reason I’m being vague about it in public right now. Please don’t comment on it here. Thanks.)

  2. I am happy that your life is both interesting and good right now. Mine too!

    That means I have almost enough time to read the fewer and shorter updates you (and Athena) post here. I count this as a win for us both, because I do enjoy or am informed by almost everything you post on Whatever.


  3. Just wanted to thank you for the post a long time ago about Substack. I looked into it and it sis now one of my favorite places to write.

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