Cake for Breakfast? Cake for Breakfast!

Look! It's breakfast cake!

Because don’t I deserve breakfast cake? Yes I do! And so do you! Probably. I mean, you could have been a real shit to someone recently, in which case, no cake for you. But otherwise: Cake away!

I’m doing a family thing for the rest of the day so I’ll see you all here tomorrow. At least you have cake to get you through until then.

— JS

19 Comments on “Cake for Breakfast? Cake for Breakfast!”

  1. Nothing wrong with cake for breakfast. I’ve had ice cream for breakfast though I wouldn’t make a habit of it. I am surprised you didn’t make a cake burrito.

  2. Everyone else in the world has breakfast cakes, many are reserved for the Holidays, but that is a technicality.

    Also, pancakes and waffles are cakes designed for breakfast, so why not?

    Enjoy it before it gets stale.

  3. Unrelated, but are you aware that the MENU drop down is non-functional on the mobile version of your site (at least on iOS)? I can read your posts, but can’t look at your books list, read about The Mallet of Loving Correction or bacon, or access your bio, etc, unless I switch to the desktop version. Not a huge deal, but I thought you might like to know.

  4. This morning at work we said farewell to a retiring coworker, so there was breakfast pizza! Which was followed by cake! Cake for breakfast is totally legit. I mean, the way muffins and donuts are made these days they’re not far from being cake anyway….

  5. Excellent! Looks a bit like a (slightly crude) Gugelhupf, the go-to all-purpose informal cake of My People (Viennese).

    Of course, My People plan their day around five meals:
    Early breakfast–coffee and a roll
    Second {or “fork”) breakfast, midmorning–bread, sausage–maybe even a (small) beer
    Lunch (main meal of the day)
    “Jause”–midafternoon, like British High Tea but much more substantial (as are, physically, many of My People)
    Supper–maybe some soup, maybe an omelet…

  6. That looks delicious. I had to make do with coffee-cream-filled Swiss roll, darnitall!

  7. What sort of cake is that? It looks very good to eat!
    Another of Athena’s experiments? You are lucky with such a daughter, making you tasty things.

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