Back From Cleveland

Krissy, Athena and I went to Cleveland to see the multimedia Van Gogh exhibit (it was lovely) and while we were there for that, decided to take a short family holiday. It was delightful and I really do recommend taking a short holiday with your own family now and then if you can manage it (and, you know, like your family).

Mind you, a side effect of a weekday holiday is coming back to business to attend to, which I’ve been doing since we returned, and will do more of once I’m done posting this. But I thought you’d enjoy the photos. Today is a good day for a couple of quiet bits of beauty.

— JS

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  1. Oh we really enjoyed the Van Gogh exhibit (the one where his art is displayed on all the walls around and the music is just lovely?).

    Next week the Hayao Miyazaki exhibit at the Academy of Motion Pictures with the family. Quick family vacations are fun!

  2. Saw it in LA… Yes, it’s amazing! Glad you got to see it, and with your patient ever-loving family! Have a great return-to-working-on-stuff day!

  3. Oh, wasn’t the exhibit grand? We saw it when it came to DC, and were quite dazzled. I happened to walk into the main projection room just as “Starry Night” went up on the walls. Not ashamed to say I burst into tears on the spot.

  4. My wife and I saw the Immersive VanGogh exhibit when it was in Charlotte this summer. A very interesting way of approaching his art. The version we saw was in an old industrial space at Camp North End, a very convoluted space with walls at odd angles. I’m not sure if it made it better or not, but certainly did make the overlap of images complicated.

  5. Also caught it in Charlotte this summer so now I’m wondering if any of the three of us was there at the same time as another #SmallWorld

  6. We saw it in DC and loved it as well. Did you do the VIP experience with the VR headset? I thought it was interesting, but I don’t think it took advantage of VR as well as it could have. If you’re ever in Tampa, the VR experience at the Dali museum was really cool!

  7. Nice. Haven’t been to a museum in a while, but we’ve been to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

  8. @Kathy That’s the Cleveland Arcade (clearly already entering Christmas mode), a nifty Cleveland landmark. By virtue of a massive glass skylight covering the whole thing and dating to 1890, it’s one of the oldest indoor malls. It’s more in line with the older meaning of mall, a pedestrian promenade lined with shops than what we usually think of now, but the similarities are obvious. Anyhow, it is quite pretty and a favorite photographic subject in the Cleveland area.

  9. Jim Young:

    I recognize the arcade too. I had a client (a major insurer) whose offices were down the street and when my boss an I went out for client meetings we stayed there overnight. It’s a beautiful structure.

  10. I saw it in Auckland and was very impressed. One limitation of the format that surprised me a bit was that the huge, flat projection screens miss out on the three-dimensional paint texture of the originals

  11. We saw the Van Gogh experience in Boston, and it was very interesting! The animations of the artwork was clever and even breathtaking at times.

    @kaellinn18, we did the VR part as well and while I thought it was well done, I agree it didn’t really take full advantage of the technology. Still, it was worth the extra $5 for sure.

  12. I’m planning to go see that – with a friend – in Charlotte, NC Dec. 10 Looks very interesting.

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