Mermaids Monthly: Back For Year Two

Around this time last year I gave a little space to let my pal Meg Frank talk about the Kickstarter for Mermaids Monthly. This year, I’m doing the same, but with new editors and spokespeople: Miyuki Jane Pinckard and Noelle Singh. Here they are to explain why year two of Mermaids Monthly is worth your Kickstarter love.

Last year, the unstoppable powerhouses Meg Frank and Julia Rios launched Mermaids Monthly and built it into a premier, pro magazine of the mermaid-themed fiction, poetry, art, and comics. It was all made possible by fans, including many of you! This fall, they decided to hand off the project to me, Jane, and my co-publisher Noelle Singh. We couldn’t be more excited to take the helm.

So! Today we launch the Kickstarter campaign to fund Mermaids Monthly Year Two. It’s still mermaids. Only, more international. This year we’re focusing on sourcing at least 50% of each issue from creators outside the United States. We want to explore a world of mermaid lore from around the world, to the moon and back. We’re also building a community and events around Mermaids Monthly for fans to enjoy throughout the year: a space to share mermaids stories and art on a Discord server, poetry readings, watch parties, and Q&A sessions with our creators.

We really love how much Mermaids Monthly Year One supports queer, BIPOC, and disable writers, and we’re committed to keeping that a core part of our ethos, while exploring mermaid stories from around the world. We’ve solicited some wonderful art and words for the January issue, and the minute we hit our minimum funding goal, we’re excited to open general submissions to all creators.

We would love it if you would support us either by pledging to our Kickstarter or by helping to spread the word!

Let’s get to the fun stuff, the rewards!

  • For the first 48 hours of the campaign, we’re offering an Early Bird special, a full digital subscription to all twelve issues of Mermaids Monthly for the year, at $25.
  • At 400 backers, we’re going to host a watch party of Ponyo by Studio Ghibli! 
  • We’re thrilled to have a range of gorgeous and cute rewards for a range of budgets: pins, stickers, stunning sea-themed jewelry, a custom Spotify playlist, and more.
  • While physical rewards won’t ship until next year (and sorry in advance for any shipping delays!), we’re giving out digital gift cards for physical items that you can include if you’re planning on giving any of these rewards to someone.
  • Speaking of gifts, digital subscriptions make awesome gifts for the mermaid fan in your life! We have a special “Tails for Twins” pack that includes two of everything–for you and a friend, with a digital gift card you can send to your giftee.

Thanks for reading. We’re super excited to continue the Mermaids Monthly voyage. If you’d like, please check out our Kickstarter campaign, follow us on Twitter @MermaidsMonthly, or on Facebook at

Miyuki Jane Pinckard is a writer, game designer, educator, and the co-publisher of Mermaids Monthly. Her fiction can be found in Strange Horizons, Uncanny Magazine, Flash Fiction Online, and other venues. She likes wine and mystery novels and karaoke.

Noelle Singh is a multimedia artist and baking enthusiast, with a love of nature, specifically the ocean. She earned an art degree and double minor in environmental science and media, society & the arts. She got her SCUBA certification while studying coral reef biology and ecology abroad. She enjoys curling up in her grotto with her catfish and a good book.

2 Comments on “Mermaids Monthly: Back For Year Two”

  1. They have created such a wonderful space. Thanks for your ongoing support of awesome stuff Mr Scalzi and thanks to anyone who back the Kickstarter.

    I feel so honored that I will be one of the people to have a story in year two. I’m so excited to see all the new mermaid stories from around the world.

  2. Hey it’s Miyuki Jane!

    John, you may not know this, but you and Jane were sort of coworkers for a time: She was at 1UP while you were writing for us at OPM.

    (She also wrote and performed the theme music to The 1UP Show. Because she rocks.)

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