Someone May Have Updated Some Of His Photo Software Today

And that someone might have been me. Here’s one of the pictures I made fiddling with it (DxO Filmpack 6, in case you’re curious). Spice has never looked so moody! Or monochromatic!

— JS

7 Comments on “Someone May Have Updated Some Of His Photo Software Today”

  1. I just saw an adorable little fluff ball of a kitten at the McDonald’s drive through. It was mewing loudly at the cars, so it wasn’t exactly stealthy. I tried to check on it, but it didn’t let me get close enough. I may go back on tomorrow since the McDonald’s is close to my house.

  2. Or, from the way that photo turned out, it might have been Spice updating some of his photo software. (Self-portraits and self-images are very important to cats.)

  3. I feel Spice is the pet we see the least of, but it’s OBVIOUSLY not for lack of photogenicity.
    (Although it’s possible you just make everybody look good. Yay you; yay Spice.)

  4. I am heartbroken at how mournful Spice looks, give that cat some food before it’s too late!