“Kaiju” Starred Review in Publishers Weekly

Well, here is some welcome news this evening: The Kaiju Preservation Society gets its second starred review from the publishing trades, this time from Publishers Weekly, which says it is “equally lighthearted and grounded—and sure to delight.” I will happily take that! And also I continue to be really happy that reviewers are connecting with this book. Here’s the full review (it comes with some mild spoilers, but nothing too bad).

This a fine time to remind folks to pre-order Kaiju from whatever bookseller you like (but especially your local booksellers), because it helps them and helps Tor figure out how many books to print up. That said, also a reminder that I’m doing a thing with Subterranean Press where if you pre-order through them, I will sign (and if desired, personalize) your book for you. Here’s the link for that.

It’s a good day!

— JS

2 Comments on ““Kaiju” Starred Review in Publishers Weekly”

  1. Meanwhile, a secret cabal of Kaiju worshippers buy an innocent-looking church in Ohio, where they construct a portal into the Kaiju world. Ron Hubbard, eat your heart out!

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