Rainier, Coming and Going

I got two nice views of Mt. Rainier last week, the first as I was coming in on the plane, and the second as I got off the train at the airport to catch a flight home. In both cases, there was a cool lenticular cloud cap on the mountain. It was a nice bit of symmetry to my visit to the Pacific Northwest, so I thought I would share those views with you here.

— JS

11 Comments on “Rainier, Coming and Going”

  1. Very nice pictures, sir! Thanks for sharing. I needed the smile today. I’m missing Nimitz, who very recently went to Rainbow Bridge. He was a sweet tuxedo cat.

  2. Train?! From – what I assume is – Ohio to Washington State. Any more pictures ( i don’t do social media, so apologies if this should be self evident)?

    As a travel train nerd – taken “The Canadian” all the way, both ways, a total of 5 times – I’d be really interested on an expanded description of the experience.

    I’m assuming a multi-day voyage, but Amtrak may be much different than Via in this respect

  3. Ah…the kind of lenticular clouds that make us glider pilots drool…

    For Thomas: if those pics were shot from a train, the trestles must be pretty tall around Seattle…(sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  4. You’d think at some point I’d ceased to be impressed by Mt. Tacoma (Rainier), but nope. Year 11 in Seattle, and I still whip out my phone when “The Mother of All Waters” is gracing us with her presence.

  5. You’re becoming a very accomplished photographer. Perhaps some of your new space could serve as a rotating gallery for exhibiting your talent.

  6. Mt. Rainier is a magnet to the eyes. Whenever I’m in the area I simply cannot keep my eyes off this enormous, majestic beauty. Nice photos!

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