RIP, Anne Rice

To the above tweet I’ll add that, because early on I wanted to know more about the amazing woman who I hoped to marry, I went ahead and read several of Rice’s books, specifically from her vampire and “Witching Hour” series. In those books it was obvious that very few people could set a scene or mood like Rice could — her vision of New Orleans in each series was immediate and heady, and I could feel the humidity and the heat, sitting in a small air-conditioned apartment in California. She pioneered a subgenre that I supposed could only be described as pop gothic, which aside from the books was gloriously realized in the 1994 film directed by Neil Jordan (which Rice was at first skeptical of, and then publicly delighted by).

She had style, in other words, of a sort not many had. She’ll be missed.

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This song by Sting, inspired by Interview With the Vampire

— JS

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