Pet Break, 12/13/21

Sugar and Charlie, together in the hall.

I’ve had a long and vaguely irritating day, and figure you might have, too, so, here, please enjoy Charlie and Sugar lounging about together. And before you note that Sugar doesn’t look that happy about it, I’ll note she always looks a little irritated; that’s how her face works. But she’s the one who decided to lay next to Charlie, not the other way around. Secretly, Sugar is a sweetheart. Enjoy.

— JS

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  1. My astrologer friend mentioned Venus going retrograde. I don’t know about that, but I spent a chunk of today pissed off at a brand new irritating thing I have no control over, dammit. Sometimes I think life itself is going retrograde. Fortunately my critters don’t care and just their being themselves has helped keep me centered.

  2. Ah, yes. I know about cranky cat faces. My late Shadow was such a sweet, shy little girl. But, the shape of her face and the coloring around her eyes made her look like an evil, reptilian alien plotting to destroyer the world. I miss that little cat. I still have 2 of her grandkitties. They’ll be turning 17 in a few months.

  3. It looks like Sugar is saying, “Charlie, are you pondering what I’m pondering?” – and Charlie replying, “I think so, Sugar – but wouldn’t climbing the Christmas Tree be risky?”

    My cats always look very loving while they’re plotting something – so with kittehs? Looks can be deceiving.

  4. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who had an irritating day. This is how my day started with managing my father in law who has dementia:

    Me: (seeing him in an tank top & shorts but running the space heater) If you’re cold put on clothes. You don’t need to run the heater.

    Also Pop an hour later in a tank top & shorts standing outside in 31° weather.

    Me: Get inside and put some clothes on.

    Pop: It no cold out.

    Me: WTFE

    I’m having a drink tonight. Strike that. Just had one.

  5. I feel you man. I too had a very irritating day! First, dealing with online purchases that were damaged even before they left the sales offices. I hate dealing with a bunch of minimum wage assholes who act as if making things right is going to cost them their jobs (maybe, who knows?).

    Secondly, the dog wouldn’t poop so we spent an hour and a half walking around the neighborhood trying to get him to squeeze one out, which he finally did way past my tolerance expiration date.

  6. Are the Ides of December a thing? EVERYONE I talked to yesterday was having a terrible day, and so was I. Some of it will wash into today. I just hope my problem solving powers are firing on all cylinders today. Wishing for a better day for all!

  7. @John: “Secretly, Sugar is a sweetheart.”

    Sugar is a total daddy’s girl who’s got you wrapped around her little claw, so of course you would say that. #UnreliableNarrator

    @Deborah: “But, the shape of her face and the coloring around her eyes made her look like an evil, reptilian alien plotting to destroyer the world.”

    “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”—Maya Angelou

    Cats, amirite? They are all Flerkens; prove me wrong.

  8. My Callie has Resting Cat Face, too. She is an absolute lovey cuddle-bug, but to look at her you’d think she was plotting to kill you in your sleep.

    Her brother, on the other hand, is a complete orange derp cat – both in looks and in action.

    How they came from the same litter, I have no idea!

  9. Linguistic quirks. In which part of the country do they say “lay down” when they mean “lie down”?

  10. Our older big fat cat, Punkin, so named for her former spherical shape, hangs with the larger black dog, who is warm to be beside. Punkin is 15-17 pounds, CooCoo is pushing 75 lbs.

    Smaller cat (but oh so sharp!) Spike isn’t a bit afraid of dogs, but isn’t inclined to sleep beside them.

  11. Yup, Sugar looks plenty annoyed, but I figured it was the “Oh heavens, he’s poking around with the camera again” face.

  12. Not meaning to offend, but as my 20-something daughters would say, Sugar’s got that resting bitch face goin’ on, which is not unusual in the cat world.

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