View From a Hotel Room 12/16/21: Washington DC

We’re in town for the first December Worldcon ever (I almost said first winter Worldcon, but then I remembered the Southern Hemisphere is a whole thing), and the current temperature outside is 63 degrees, which is not particularly December-y for DC, but is certainly pleasant to walk around in. Good to know the days before the climate apocalypse will be nice, I guess. My Worldcon schedule is relatively light this year: a couple of things a day and otherwise some time to see people (masked and vaxxed, of course) and also to have a vacation with Krissy. It’s been lovely so far.

Hope your Thursday is likewise lovely wherever you are.

— JS

17 Comments on “View From a Hotel Room 12/16/21: Washington DC”

  1. Hey! I’m only an hour away. I am going to swing by so we can hang out and have some drinks, and become best friends. You can also look over this manuscript I wrote. It’s kind of a blend of a WW2 Submarine thriller with a romance except the chief Nazi is also a sexy alien who has a thing for the heroic American sub commander. I think you’d really like it.

    What’s your room #?

  2. I guess in this day and age it would be a mistake to assume that it’s obvious that I was being facetious.

    Enjoy DC!

  3. We’re also here; they’ve tapped me to host the Masquerade tomorrow.
    Hope our paths cross at some point!

  4. I’m enjoying it vicariously through Twitter- I hope to be back in Worldcon shape for Chicon!

  5. We are there, though having to do some back and forth to the MD suburbs of DC as we didn’t want to pull our son out of school. (He is vaxxed so we can otherwise have him at the con.)

  6. I am virtually there. Which means that the weather outside is very South Carolina like (about 1 degree F. warmer. Sadly, the dance party is not virtual.

  7. Went to a conference in DC for work in February once and it was about 60F. After the evening event a coworker at the DC office took a few of us out-of-towners on a night-time walking tour of the monuments… fantastic.

  8. I spotted a woman who looked very familiar at Discon yesterday – and my face recognition system worked well enough and qyick enough that I was able to give a quick hello to Krissy before heading off to the dealers room to pick up a book mentioned at the panel.

  9. It has been nice here. I’ve done 105 miles on the W&OD from Reston to Ashburn and back over the past 4 days and plan to get a ride in today.

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