Hello From Worldcon

Please enjoy this lovely hotel lobby tree, full of festive yuletide goodness. Things are progressing nerdily here at the convention, and today I had a signing and I moderated a panel on book series, which is somewhat fitting as I am up for the Best Series Hugo this year. The actual panelists said wise and trenchant things. Beyond this, the current plan for the rest of the day is… lie around and do little. I am very good at this plan.

Hope your mid-December weekend is restful and pleasant.

— JS

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  1. “the current plan for the rest of the day is… lie around and do little. I am very good at this plan.”

    I can sympathize. I am also very good at that sort of plan. I’d suggest some sort of “lying around and doing little” contest, but I’d be bad at keeping track of any sort of record for a quantifiable contest. As would anyone fit to compete. So, we must each just lie back and tell ourselves that “I would be the one to have won.”

    Or more likely, not think about it at all.

    Wishing you a good convention.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a christmas tree designed to blend into the background before…

  3. And hello to you as well, from the same spot. Glad you are having a good time. I can’t say the same for my own experience here, but it’s nice that someone is having fun. Hope that continues, and safe travels back to Ohio.

  4. That IS a lovely tree, although I second Lynne’s opinion that it is a little too decorator-style. IMO, it’s not a real tree without at least one poorly executed child-crafted ornament, or 12. I am personally relieved to be done with teaching for the next two weeks, while COVID cases continue to climb and my students are gleefully informing me that they have to go to the infirmary because “close contact!” Fingers crossed that things get under control and we can continue to have nice get-togethers without too many worries.

  5. The “add decorations until you can no longer tell the tree’s species” school of thought seems to be alive and well.

  6. Hello from Union Station, at least if my connection is working. I enjoyed the WorldCon, and was happy to see the Hugos go smoothly and professionally (on a slightly adjusted schedule) with very satisfying results (the latter point more or less inevitable, in my view, given the nominations).

    Not being a dancer (even in my distant youth) I took in a bit of the DJ session passively but it was fun even from the sidelines. It was nice to see our host in action on sound and, intermittently but simultaneously, the dance floor.

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