Definitely My Next Author Photo

Yes, I wore this to the Hugos. No, I am not ashamed. Quite the opposite, in fact.

— JS

22 Comments on “Definitely My Next Author Photo”

  1. You look like a totally different person in that outfit; still deciding whether that’s a good thing or not.

  2. Well I certainly hope your mask was a matching gold and green. The photo’s effect really wasn’t complete without including that.

  3. Christmas Elf…. or Irish sprite Leprechaun…?

    Who knows? The Shadow do!

    Congrats on the best Hugo Photo. And what a night for Martha Wells!! I love her Murderbot work.

  4. That photo is definitely a statement…of some kind.

    However, I’m afraid that nothing will surpass you and Smudge photobombing each other as my favorite author photo.

  5. What happened to that “Next author photo” you had of of a kittenish Smudge looking around the side of your head?
    Oops, just read David Hunt mentioning the same thing.

  6. If you’d kept the beard, you’d look just like the Head Elf in that old TV version of RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER!! :-)

  7. you authors are an odd bunch…

    …and you’ve reported to EADL for extreme mockery

    (Elf Anti-Defamation League seeks to protect an oppressed magical minority group from abuses by inbred rednecks, treasure seekers, as well confidential relocation services for those in the labor pool who’ve been exploited for low pay, long hours, unsavory working conditions… yeah we’re looking into you Santa Claus)

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