The Dispatcher Optioned for TV; “Kaiju” Excerpt at Tor/Forge Blog

These are two separate things! But they happened at around the same time (i.e., as I was on a plane home from Worldcon), so they’re being put into the same post.

First: Dispatcher optioned for TV, as reported by Deadline. This write-up is accurate (except the part where the story takes place in a distant future; that’s not a thing) and I’m excited to see where things go from here. Please be aware that at this point everything is super early in the process so I have absolutely no answers to any questions you might have about where it might end up, who will be cast, or, really, anything else. We’ll see! It’ll be a grand adventure. I can say I’m pleased the Dispatcher stories has a shot at making the jump into a new medium. I think the world could make for a great series.

Second: Read the first chapter of The Kaiju Preservation Society! In which our protagonist finds the early COVID-era job market a little rougher than expected. It’s a very fine chapter which sets the tone for the whole book but doesn’t really have any spoilers for further action, so it’s good for a casual glimpse into the world. Hope you enjoy it (and remember if you pre-order the book through Subterranean Press, I will sign and if desired personalize your copy)!

Busy day.

Also, I’m back from Worldcon. I had fun. Possibly more on that later.

— JS

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