The Dispatcher Optioned for TV; “Kaiju” Excerpt at Tor/Forge Blog

These are two separate things! But they happened at around the same time (i.e., as I was on a plane home from Worldcon), so they’re being put into the same post.

First: Dispatcher optioned for TV, as reported by Deadline. This write-up is accurate (except the part where the story takes place in a distant future; that’s not a thing) and I’m excited to see where things go from here. Please be aware that at this point everything is super early in the process so I have absolutely no answers to any questions you might have about where it might end up, who will be cast, or, really, anything else. We’ll see! It’ll be a grand adventure. I can say I’m pleased the Dispatcher stories has a shot at making the jump into a new medium. I think the world could make for a great series.

Second: Read the first chapter of The Kaiju Preservation Society! In which our protagonist finds the early COVID-era job market a little rougher than expected. It’s a very fine chapter which sets the tone for the whole book but doesn’t really have any spoilers for further action, so it’s good for a casual glimpse into the world. Hope you enjoy it (and remember if you pre-order the book through Subterranean Press, I will sign and if desired personalize your copy)!

Busy day.

Also, I’m back from Worldcon. I had fun. Possibly more on that later.

— JS

13 Comments on “The Dispatcher Optioned for TV; “Kaiju” Excerpt at Tor/Forge Blog”

  1. Am I the only one who thinks it bizarre to see a headline referring to the audio book narrator rather than the author?

  2. He’s a name in LA; me not so much. Plus, he’s a lovely guy. And I’m referred to as the creator in the first sentence of the article. I’m fine.

  3. Great to hear. Loved the 2 audiobooks and would love to see them in another medium.

    Any hints on when the next one will be available from Audible?

  4. Thinking that this Kaiju joint might very well be the first Scalzi book I actually get around to reading, after years of absorbing the blog.

    Not generally a fiction reader, much less sci-fi since circa age 20. This could change!

  5. These both look like wonderful things.
    P.S. and not at all some off-topic spamming:
    Can your mother in law send me some home made caramels, peanut brittle and chocolates, (as portrayed on Twitter)? Totally willing to marry Krissy if that’s a prerequisite.

  6. Great news on the Dispatcher. I’m looking forward to seeing how they portray the novels, which gave me a detective noir feeling. (I’m that old)

    I read the Kaiju Preservation excerpt. I love it when you do snarky (Agent to the Stars, etc.). I’m planning to pick it up as soon as it becomes available.

  7. IIRC, all “optioned for TV” really means that a producer has called dibs on the property so nobody else can make a movie/TV show from it until their option runs out? (Oh and also you get money while they decide?) Have I got that basically right?

  8. We finally listened to the second dispatcher while driving to the in-laws yesterday. Thank you for an enjoyable first leg of the trip!

    (Also now completely hooked on Andrea Vernon books by Alexander Kane for the remaining 3 legs… we were caught up with all the other scalzi suitable for elementary school ears, so Alexander Kane was an excellent substitute.)

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