New Books and ARCs, 12/22/21

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, partly because I’ve been strangely busy at the end of the year, partly because physical book deliveries have slowed down a bit, and partly because, well (waves at the world). Nevertheless I wanted to give this hefty stack of books a moment in the sun before 2021 came to a close. What here is calling to you on a long winter night? Share in the comments.

— JS

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  1. Question… what happens to all of the ARC books you receive? Do you have to send them back? Or do you have a massive sci-fi/fantasy library? I like the idea of the library.

  2. I’m a little jealous that you have Where the Drowned Girls Go, but I don’t have too much longer to wait.

  3. I’ve got a stack of books to plow through. I’m finishing the final Expanse novel right now. I have a bunch of history of the British Navy, the Tudor dynasty, and the English civil war I need to finish. And I just had a story published in the annual Fark Fiction Anthology, which I also need to read.

    All I really need is time. Can someone send me some of that?

  4. Since my TBR is ridiculous, I’ll take Obviously, Aliens. Reasons. And A Few Last Words For The Late Immortals. Second one makes ne wonder if it is directed at Marvel’s Immortals but I will guess it isn’t. Still sounds interesting.

  5. Just out of curiosity where do you store all of your books? Before I did away with paper books almost entirely I had to prune my shelves every year or so. I imagine your book storage issues to be significant.

  6. Been meaning to ask this forever, how many books stay on the shelf as opposed to going to a used bookstore or donated?

  7. The Beholden, definitely. I’m a world building geek and hoping both the jungle setting and the River Goddess theme is done well. Or maybe because I’ve been reading so much about the rivers in Burma and the plight of the Irrawaddy dolphins. The Beholden gets my vote.

  8. I was delighted by The Ten Thousand Doors of January. Where the Drowned Girls Go has piqued my interest and is now on the TBR list.

  9. I’ve got Kith and Kin in hardback and audible so my honey and I don’t have to take turns reading it. Now we bot just need to find the time.

  10. I’ve really enjoyed all of the wayward children stories so far, so Where The Drowned Girls Go will go right on top of the TBR pile 😁

  11. Some of the others in my D&D group are big Critical Role fans, but I don’t have the time to catch up on all those videos. Would Kith and Kin be a good intro?

  12. Definitely will be acquiring Seanan’s novella.

    @AJ – If you haven’t read the 6 previous novellas in Seanan’s Wayward Children series I highly recommend them. They’re quick reads; I’ve re-read them before diving into new ones.

  13. I’m currently enjoying Obviously, Aliens. Add me to the queue of “eagerly awaiting Drowned Girls,”

  14. Thanks for sharing these new titles..

    Much Appreciated!

    Will see which of “my” Los Angeles area libraries where I have library cards could use “Suggestions for Purchase.”

    Hope this helps!

    Everyone Stay Safe and Well and “Keep on Keeping On” as we all careen toward Yet Another COVID Continuum Calendar Year!

    Always Best Wishes,

    Michael D. Toman


    “Bardwulf the Sorta Kinda Memorious”

  15. I’m currently in the middle of “Obviously, Aliens” and enjoying it a lot- good gonzo fun.

  16. I cannot recommend The Ten Thousand Doors of January highly enough. One of the most beautifully written books I’d read in a long time.

  17. I’ve already read Ada Hoffmann’s “The Fallen” and I can recommend that trilogy; hope she sticks the landing!

  18. Long time critter here to looking forward to Kith & Kin.

    Leah, if you like fantasy pulp adventures, it should be very accessible. It takes place before campaign 1.

  19. When I was a kid, my parents had a book on the shelf entitled ‘World War 3’. This confused me for many years until I grew old enough to know sufficient world history. I hope ‘World War IV’ does not similarly confuse other small children.

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