My Top Two 2021 Songs

One was a big hit! The other was from a video game! And, uhhh, don’t really have that much in common sonically. Welcome to me.

If you have a song or two from 2021 that spoke to you (and actually from the year, not just something you like generally), put a YouTube or other generally accessible link to it in the comments. I can always use new music, even as the year is getting old.

— JS

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  1. Recently discovered this band South African band, Hot Water, through a Netflix movie and they’ve dominated my listening the past two months even though the songs nearing 10 years old.

  2. Everything old is new again.

    Show might have had its ups and downs, but the composer still blows anyone else away.

    Also, guy who’s been around for a couple of years but I just became aware of him a couple of months ago– bluesman Christone “Kingfish” Ingram.

  3. @Cindy F That is a cover of the Refreshments from 1996. One of my favourite tracks from the Refreshments. You have good taste!

  4. Asking me to pick a single track from this album is essentially impossible, so have the lot:

    Shifting paradigms without a clutch*, have the first new single from Ghost in three years:

    And a +1 to Craig’s recommendation of “Anniversary” – adding the video because the lookalikes they hired for the shoot are incredible:

  5. (the footnote I forgot from my previous post – yes, I know that phrase comes from someone who turned out to be a raging @$$, but it’s so USEFUL.)

  6. Some things I liked:
    “When the Curtain Falls” by Greta Van Fleet

    “Survivor” by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

    “Death by Rock and Roll” by The Pretty Reckless

    “NDA” by Billie Eilish

  7. What’s the second (non-Olivia Rodrigo) song? It’s appearing for me as “video unavailable,” maybe because I am in a foreign land. But now I’m super curious.

  8. I heard your first favourite a lot, and liked it. In the hours MTV still plays music videos, round here, they have something called “MTV Push” which is a sorta artist/clip of the month thing. That song was one of them.

    A different month, they had one I liked because I found both the song and the video funny:

    Bella Poarch – Build a B*tch (mildly NSFW):

  9. My favourite song this year is Old Peel, by New Zealand artist Aldous Harding. Catchy and creepy.

  10. As the years go on, and I never listen to live radio any more (who has time for ads?) I find it harder to keep up with the new stuff since my streams can fall into ruts. So while I don;t have a favorite song I do and an appreciated “song”.

    PopLove 9 by Robin Skouteris

    I tend to already know and like a few of the songs, and to keep up to date and inject some new stuff into the mix I tend to create a playlist of all the songs contained in the mashup.

    And while not new by any means, the endless covers and remixes of “The Wellerman” and “Grace Kelly” that TikTok has brought us make me smile every time.

  11. I might suggest a couple more but this has been basically my go-to anthem for the last year:

    Chemtrails – “Suck My Mind.”

    I might be approaching retirement but I still have the mentality of a disgruntled garage rocker.

  12. As someone who is constantly listening to new music, this one is difficult. But, I tried to be honest and brutal, and narrowed it down to:

    Dreamy, space-rock – like if Pink Floyd and Tool had a kid.

    Not only does this song rip, but the video is fantastic.

  13. On the SIMPLE RADIO app there is a steaming station from Munich, Germany, called Rattle Snake Radio. Mostly old country and blues with a sprinkling of other stuff!

  14. I’ve got to admit I love the sound design of deathloop. They really nailed that 80’s feel

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