“Kaiju” Review in Library Journal

Well, this is not a bad way to start the new year: A positive review of The Kaiju Preservation Society in Library Journal, the last of the four major publishing trade magazines to report in on the novel. I can’t quote the full review (it’s behind a paywall) but the “Verdict” section wraps it up nicely:

Scalzi’s first stand-alone novel in several years is a wild ride filled with takes on pop culture, startups, governmental influence, and science.

Yes! All true! I cannot deny it.

Thus is capped off a nice run of trade reviews for Kaiju: Four positive reviews, with two of them (Booklist and Publishers Weekly) being starred. Which is more than I expected, if I’m being honest. Of all my books, Kaiju is tonally closest to Redshirts, which ten years ago received a rather more mixed set of reviews, including two really big pans of the book in PW (“strange and unfunny”) and Kirkus (“Intriguing developments, fresh ideas, dashes of originality? Forget it”). I was ready for the reviews to be all over the board for this one as well. So to have them all be varying degrees of “thumbs up” is really a pleasant surprise. I will take it, you know?

As for Kaiju itself: 73 days until its official release. I’m really excited for you all to see it.

— JS

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  1. Because I can, and because I have the ability, I am getting my library system to order multiple copies!


  2. I already know more than I want to from reading another review, so I am ignoring these. I don’t need to be told it is going to be a fun, smart romp.

  3. Congratulations!

    . . . but now I’ll be here focusing on the bit where Redshirts came out 10 years ago. Holy moley!

  4. “Kaiju is tonally closest to Redshirts”?

    Well, I was going to read Kaiju anyhow, but now I’m /definitely/ going to read it!

  5. Wait, Redshirts was TEN years ago? Are we sure of this?

    Wow, time…passes. Actually, I reread it and all the OMW novels in 2021. Really looking forward to this!

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    Hope Diaz

    Glad to hear this for you.

  7. Pre ordered audio book in little leap of faith, as redshirts was not my favourite.
    I hope it will be star narrator as it always been with your books.

    On unrelated note, i wonder if you can make a post on how author decide when to pull plug on a book series. Theoretically life in created world continues regardless if get documented or not.

  8. While I am a more or less religious reader of this blog, I am actually not that interested in reading Scalzi fiction. Mostly. However,

    Of all my books, Kaiju is tonally closest to Redshirts

    I loved Redshirts and will be reading this one when I can buy it.

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