Download the First Five Chapters of The Kaiju Preservation Society, For Free, You Know, If You Want

Even though I will not see a penny from it:

More seriously, enjoy and remember to pre-order the book, if you have not yet already. Every preorder equals a tasty snack for the pets! Roughly, I mean, I haven’t done the actual math on this.

Here’s the link to the Tor/Forge Blog piece on the free chapters. It includes links to various ebook stores.

— JS

22 Comments on “Download the First Five Chapters of The Kaiju Preservation Society, For Free, You Know, If You Want”

  1. If you’re downloading from iTunes, the link will fail. Instead, open your Books app and search for the name. Once you’ve selected Kaiju Preservation Society, you’ll get options of “Pre-Order,” “Want to Read,” and “Sample.”

    Clicking on “Sample will get you the first five chapters into your Books app.

  2. Thanks, but no thanks, Tor.

    I want to wait so that I can just end up reading the whole book in one sitting like I usually do.

  3. As an avid reader of your books, your tweets, your FB posts and of course, your Whatever, I truly appreciate the gift of a sneak peek of The Kaiju Preservation Society. And yes, of course I will be happy to pre-order. I want to make sure Charlie and his Scamperbeasts buddies get enough to eat. (-:

  4. Wow! It’s like Christmas in…welll…a little after Christmas!! Thanks Tor. And yeah, I’m also preordering on Audible riiiight now.

  5. As long as it’s a 100 chapter book it’s no worse than releasing the first chapter of a 20 chapter book.

  6. I think I found a typo, about halfway through the fifth chapter

    “How long as this been going on”

  7. This is pretty nifty marketing. Bravo!

    In a world of ebooks this is very appealing to me as a reader. In the last few years my Smartphone has become my primary reading mechanism. I hope this effort is successful by whatever metric Tor uses and they do more if it.

  8. Is it in poor taste to download in more than one format? I’m never sure what I’ll be using and I also don’t trust some platforms not to disappear or go wonky on me.

  9. I’d already ordered an autographed copy, so I’ll savor the sneak peek knowing I’ve already paid for you to at least have a stale packaged sandwich and cup of bad coffee from the truck stop ;)

  10. Thanks, John.
    I’d already preordered it, but I had to take advantage of this :)

    BTW, for people restricted to Amazon AU, just search the Kindle store for
    The Kaiju Preservation Society Sneak Peek

    I presume other Amazons have the same functionality / feature

  11. (squinty eyes full of suspicion) Is this a trick to get me to buy it? Because … I’m gonna do that anyway.

  12. Nah, I’m good. It’s not like I’m not going to buy it (preordered weeks ago) and it’ll just make me crazy to read 5 chapters before the rest is available.

  13. I can appreciate free samples of books I am not sure I want to read. However, I have already purchased this book in hardcover. Like some others here, I don’t want to know how a book I am going to read starts until I have said book in my hands (or on my phone) so I can go beyond the sample right away. And to be honest, I buy yor books to read, notto show on my shelf.

  14. Argh! Tempting … but no, thank you. I have willpower. I do, honest! I can wait for my Audible download. But if you would be so kind, can you end my angst and tell me who will be the narrator for the audiobook? OK so it’s not really angst, I do have a life (of sorts), but while I’m loving Audible, I do find that the wrong narrator can ruin a book for me. That being said, you’ve never steered us wrong in that department, so I guess I should just relax.

  15. I did! And I read it! And I love it so far! And now I am completely FRUSTRATED! Want whole book NOW….. :-)

  16. For Smudge, for Charlie… Last time I downloaded a couple of chapters “for free,” I devoured a series of 8 books. Quite tasty. Was wondering where my reading should take me this year. Thank you.

  17. Two words: you’re amazing!

    My appetite is utterly whetted for my 2 preorders: one ebook, one real book.

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