Meanwhile, Smudge

Smudge, looking directly at the camera.

Because after today’s other weighty topics here on the site, I figure this dude’s fuzzy butt might be a good counterbalance. And I’m not wrong!

— JS

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  1. Thank you, dear Smudge, for your contribution to my sanity… Meanwhile, Mr Scalzi, your free 5-chapter tease of the “Kaiju Preservation Society,” and the subsequent wait until 15MAR for the remainder, has prompted me to seek out other Scalzi mind-occupants. Fortunately, I was able to secure a digital copy (Thank you, Public Library Digital Online Books) of “Agent to the Stars,” which I am currently savoring instead of being assaulted by the Evening News… In case you’re wondering, yes, it has stood the test of time quite nicely… Enjoy the sunset, and have a pleasant evening.

  2. He’s such a serious fellow.

    …also that appears to be a whole wall of pictures of him? He must love that.

  3. Sadly my attempt to obtain the free goodies ground to a juddering halt on the rocks of Tor’s disinclination to provide these to people outside the US.

    It’s a disappointing policy but it’s also an excellent way of pissing off your readers; presumably Tor believes that those of us outside the US are so besotted with your work that promotions such as this are entirely unnecessary.

    The problem which Tor appears not to grasp is that relationships between author and his potential readers are not absolutely dictated by the publisher. They can undoubtedly do stuff to help or harm – in this case harm- but they can’t dictate it. It’s the not even being aware of that fact that Is the problem…

  4. Addendum to my previous comment – “…surrendering to the crucial moment…they’re saying, here, we trust you to take this, the most important moment in the history of both our races, and make it work.” – This is Krissy + John. Honesty, sincerity, tenderness and trust, as the old song goes… My heart fills with hope, to know that there is in existence such love. Thank you! Much love and happiness to you both!

  5. @Stevie, I got it from the UK amazon by searching for kaiju sneak peek. A quick check shows that still works for the French and Australian sites too.

  6. This is a very good kitty, and that’s an excellent butt!

    I hope you’ll see it soon at 3 am! ;)

  7. I showed this picture of Smudge to #SamSam
    His official reaction, and I quote “sigh”. He then continued to look out the window fire squirrels.

    I always enjoy a good picture of Smudge. This one is definitely that with some fun lighting.

    Thank you.

  8. Oh, thank goodness, a cat picture.

    (I totally agree with your previous post, but I fear you’re mainly preaching to the choir here.)

  9. My, he has grown to be quite dignified, hasn’t he? Didn’t seem very likely when he first moved in…

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