New Books and ARCs, 1/7/22

A new year, and a new stack of books and ARCs that have arrived at the Scalzi Compound. Anything here intriguing you here in the first week of January? Share in the comments!

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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The Penric and Desdemona series by Lois McMaster Bujold (“Masquerade in Lodi”, here) is one of my favorite series. And Subterranean Press does such a nice job on their books — they remind me, in case I’d forgotten, why I much prefer physical to virtual books.

Beej, there’s at least twenty Space: 1999 novels that have published so far. And that doesn’t include foreign language ones as there’s a lot that were published in Germany that were not translations of the English language ones.

Subterranean Press editions of Bujold, Lansdale, Kiernan, and Reynolds, yes please! Plus bonus Kiernan, yum!

Alternate Deathiness is a pretty great title.

@Cat Eldridge Thanks for the tip on Born for Trouble from Tachyon. I’m always pleased to hear of more Hap and Leonard even though I haven’t finished the reading the ones I already own.

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