The Sleeping Dog Conundrum

Charlie the dog sleeping in my office chair.

On one hand Charlie knows perfectly well she’s not allowed up on the furniture in my office (or indeed anywhere else in the house). On the other hand, she looks darn cute all curled up like that, and also, every moment she’s sleeping in my office is a moment she’s not bugging me to go outside, or to be fed, or show me a very important disemboweled stuffed animal. So you see my conundrum. In the meantime, a pretty good picture.

Busy day today, including writing a television episode pitch, answering interview questions, planning future projects, walking the dog (twice!), and otherwise acting like a (nearly) responsible adult. Not bad for a Tuesday.

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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If you set up a camera at home, and the humans leave the house, by bet is that camera will show Charlie on the furniture.
When he hears the humans return, and he will get off the furniture.

John – the dachshund we had when I was a kid would be lying innocently on the living room floor when we came in the front door. But the cushioned rocking chair next to her would be rocking.

My wasband and his new wife have the most adorable tiny fluff ball of some “oodle” variety. They have a deep windowsill that gets the afternoon sun and looks down on a laneway and out across their suburb. His FIL built Harry a set of CARPETED stairs so he can get up there himself and survey his kingdom.
Couple of things. The making of the stairs indicates they were lifting the dog up and down from there beforehand, and: carpeted.

Our “pack” is mostly confined to the basement living room area – where we chose couches that have a leather-like vinyl surface – and let them up – but 50% of the time, they still choose their dog bed.

One of them is a 160lb Daniff, it is easier on his hips for him to get on/off a couch, so – couches are allowed.

Do you have a dog bed in the office that can be used as an alternative? (And other rooms? – we have a dog bed for upstairs and that is the only place they are allowed to be when upstairs)

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