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On the “New Movement” in SF/F: An Archived Twitter Thread

Wrote this up on Twitter just now; archiving here for posterity. Because this is a Twitter thread, please note that the very first graf below is referring to the screen cap of text below it. So, I do have a take on how this movement functions, strictly as a practical matter, and involving the Hugos […]

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This Man Needs a Haircut

I believe I’ve noted before that one of the big problems with being mostly bald is the thinner your hair is, the shorter it needs to be to look reasonably good. I am at point where “reasonably good” will require a clipping with a 5mm setting. That said, I like this picture a lot. It’s […]

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The Big Idea: Gwynne Garfinkle

In life, we make choices, and we have to live with them. But as Gwynne Garfinkle details in this Big Idea for Can’t Find My Way Home, maybe sometimes the choices we make have consequences even beyond that. GWYNNE GARFINKLE: My novel Can’t Find My Way Home began as the story of a young actress […]

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