Sugar and Charlie Wish You a Pleasant Day

And they hope you are doing well.

I’m taking a mini vacation with Krissy over the next couple of days and can’t guarantee I’ll update until Monday. I might! But then I might not. Please let the adorable visages of my pets hold you until then.

— JS

11 Comments on “Sugar and Charlie Wish You a Pleasant Day”

  1. Well darn, that’s just too cute! I think they are asking, “dad, when do you put folks like us in your books?”

  2. Have a terrific relax time with Krissy. I’m sure your adorable pets will be on their best behavior in your absence. (-: My adorable pet Sagan (aka a dog, but we haven’t broken that news to her yet), says, good luck with that!

  3. What a sweet picture I’d the two of them. Even though my feline scamperbeast is in my lap doing his job as TheraCat, these pictures always makes me happy.

  4. Sugar looks rather skeptical- I guess she doubts that we can behave for a whole weekend.

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