New Books and ARCs, 1/28/22

January is hurtling to a close, but before we get there: A new stack of books and ARCs sent to the Scalzi Compound! What here do you want to take into February with you? Share in the comments.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

10 replies on “New Books and ARCs, 1/28/22”

An odd stack for me, it’s very, very rare that there isn’t something or someone in the stack I’m familiar with. I think I’ve heard of VanderMeer before, but that’s it.

Googles: Oh that VanderMeer. I know of a few people who were very into the Southern Reach books but never really convinced me that they were up my alley.

That said, just from seeing the titles on the spines, there’s a few that might get to me to at least check out the rest of the cover. “Space Force” and “Spawn” probably, maybe “Paradox” or “Twist of Fate”. Who knows?

My take on Ambergris is:
Ambergris : Southern Reach = Sylvie and Bruno : Alice in Wonderland

This is from Subterranean Press so I suppose it’s a sample of the signed limited edition, and will be quite special.

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