Smudge, Not a Groundhog, Nevertheless Saw His Shadow Today

What does it mean when a cat sees his shadow on Groundhog Day? Not a damn thing, and even if it did, it’s not like the cat would tell you. They only divulge that sort of information on a “need to know” basis, and you don’t really need to know, do you? I thought not. Just be glad the cat acknowledges you at all, friend.

In other news, a huge winter storm is about to descend, starting this evening. I think this tweet from earlier today sums up my feeling about that:

If you happen to be in the path of this massive winter storm, please be as safe as you can and maybe stay home if possible (I did; I was supposed to travel tomorrow and that’s… not gonna happen). If we still have power tomorrow, I’ll check in and let you all know how we are.

— JS

16 Comments on “Smudge, Not a Groundhog, Nevertheless Saw His Shadow Today”

  1. I got to try out my new snow blower today! Unfortunately I’m going to have to go out and use it a couple of more times before the snow is done

  2. So, I guess it is too late for Plan B, namely come to South Florida.

    So it’s hunker down and…whatever. Good luck.

  3. I spent sometime in Florida for training and vaccinations before going over to Asia for Uncle Sam. I’ll take snow over it anytime as long as I’ve got an apartment as warm and comfortable as a hobbit hole.

  4. Hi Smudge! Nice to see you on my new phone. Stay safe during the storm and help Daddy write. Meaning sit in the middle of his computer.

  5. You said on Twitter that you have enough books to weather an ice age. Could you let us know afterwards how many books it take before storm passes?

  6. That storm has hit and left the Kansas City area already, we’re in the post storm ice box. Wishing you uninterrupted utilities, safety and warmth.

  7. Radar this morning shows this system reaching from Mexico to New Brunswick. Snow on the western side, rain on the eastern.

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