Snow Storm Update, Update

The snow has mostly stopped falling, and while there is a lot of it, the worst thing to happen (for us, anyway) was a vehicle momentarily getting stuck in the driveway. It was quickly freed and parked, however. Our neighbor who enjoys snowplowing has now plowed the driveway, and the actual roads have been plowed by professionals, and nowhere near ever lost power, so in all, as storms go, this one was fairly benign.

Both Charlie and Buckley (the neighbor dog) turn out to genuinely enjoy the snow and spent the better part of the hour running about in it. When we finally brought Charlie in, she sulked. Don’t worry, Charlie, the snow will still be there later. Promise.

— JS

6 Comments on “Snow Storm Update, Update”

  1. snow…

    nice when its new making NYC look elfen

    a horrid misery as it slowly melts into brownish-grey slush and silently freezes into invisible ice

    though… five acres of land three feet deep in snow sounds divine

  2. That picture reminds me of the dog my family had when I was teen. He did not like puddles, hated rain, and generally was afraid of water that was not in his bowl. But snow – that was fun. We sometimes had snow deeper than he was tall, and he loved running around under the snow, so he could jump up somewhere unexpected to surprise us. I don’t think he ever understood that the wonderful white fluffy stuff was going to turn into water when he came inside. It was clearly unfair, except for getting rubbed dry with a towel. Any excuse to get that much attention was worth it.

  3. Glad to know Charlie had a lovely romp in the snow. Because, after all, that is the most important part.

  4. Had a cat who did not agree with Charlie.
    Went to the back door, there was this cold white stuff piled up, so she went over to the front door, we opened it, and there was snow there too! Not fair!

  5. Here in SC Indiana we picked up maybe half a foot and when we take our Miniature Schnauzer out for a walk in such conditions he ends up with his legs covered in marble-sized ice balls.

    Whomever stays behind between my wife and myself while the other goes on the walk fills a smallish bucket with warm water in the garage in which we soak the dog’s legs for a couple of minutes to melt off the ice. Plus he wears little booties that look like thick, uninflated balloons. Bootie time!

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