Fun Fact About Charlie

She loves chasing and catching snowballs. Which is great, because all her other balls are currently buried under several inches of snow in the yard. We’ll find them in March, probably. Until then, snowballs it is.

— JS

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  1. I used to make and freeze snowballs for a Samoyed I had; he LOVED snow, and was always so elated to get a snowball in July! (Freeze them on a cookie sheet lined w/wax paper, then bag ’em up). Charlie will thank you!

  2. OMG there is a giant white meteorite about to hit your house!

    Relax, it’s headed for the garage!

    Well, Scalzi, you been talking about your next car being an EV? Here’s your chance….

    PS: The thought of Charlie catching a snowball in her mouth makes my teeth hurt.

  3. This is my very first comment to WHATEVER.

    I love this photo so much that I had to say to say so.

    (A little background: we lost both our dogs in 2021 so the sight of Charlie playing in the snow just fills my heart with joy.)

    Thank you!

  4. It’s too bad Charlie is a “she” because there would be a nice joke there about that’s not what you’re supposed to do when you get your dog neutered.

  5. I had a cat who loved playing in the snow. He’d jump off the porch into the snow, which sent snow flying. Then he’d pounce on that snow, and then the snow sent flying from the previous pounce–all over the yard

    Eventually, he’d come in with his belly covered with ice.

  6. Warning! I taught a dog to catch snowballs. Then she kept getting in the way of the snow shovel… I had to keep her in the house while shovelling.

  7. I bought a sack of 18 tennis balls a while ago, to supplement the ones I find on the outskirts of the courts in the park; the dogs seem to enjoy chewing the snowy ones just as much as the thawed ones. They don’t like the frozen solid kind, no give. I’ll have to try snowballs on them.

  8. So Charlie has once again reminded me of Duke. He loved catching snowballs! We didn’t pack them hard, so when he caught one in midair, it would crumble to pieces in his mouth. He’d shake his head for a moment, and then look back at whoever threw the snowball, all excited, as if to say “Throw another one, I know I can get it this time” Duke has been gone for a long time, and I still miss him every day

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