Daily Archives: February 8, 2022

Oh, Wait, The Oscar Nominations Came Out, Didn’t They

And for the third straight year, I’m indifferent enough about the whole affair not to write up an official prediction of who will win in all the major categories! I’m sorry, I used to be much more interesting, I know. I will say that I suspect this is the year Paul Thomas Anderson comes away […]

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Hangin’ With the Cool Cats Down at the Bar

Because, honestly, where else would you want to be? Today was another day filled with contractors at the house and lots of little offline things that added up and then the next thing I knew, the day was done. It’s wild how quickly the days can go by. I mentioned this to the cats. They […]

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The Big Idea: Patrick O’Leary

The Big Idea of 51 is really quite memorable… or is it? Author Patrick O’Leary is here to shed light on his potentially unforgettable concept. PATRICK O’LEARY: The trouble with big ideas is that they never happen when you need them. It would have been useful to know what my novel was about before I […]

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