Hangin’ With the Cool Cats Down at the Bar

Because, honestly, where else would you want to be?

Today was another day filled with contractors at the house and lots of little offline things that added up and then the next thing I knew, the day was done. It’s wild how quickly the days can go by. I mentioned this to the cats. They did not seem to care. Cats are like that.

— JS

5 Comments on “Hangin’ With the Cool Cats Down at the Bar”

  1. Don’t worry; when you get right in the middle of something they will notice that you offered them attention, just a couple of hours ago.

  2. That cat, it appears t have a tiny pink tongue — how cute.

    I’m going to have a contractor asap, the furnace has become spastic. It should be on and making things warmer right now at 2:06 am, but… For a couple of days it has been off and on randomly.

    If I use the fabled turn it off, wait, turn it back on of all computer controlled devices, that has worked in the recent past to squeeze more heat from the big gadget.

    So I will be getting up early to call for help from those who know a lot about computer controlled HVAC systems and their controller cards.

    At least it isn’t crazy stupid cold out right now… There’s more on the plate, will have to juggle faster is all…

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