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The Big Idea: Ciel Pierlot

What’s in a name? For Ciel Pierlot, quite a bit. In this Big Idea, find out how names matter, in worldbuilding and in Pierlot’s novel Bluebird. CIEL PIERLOT: One of the earliest concepts I had for Bluebird was ‘stories in space’. I knew from day one that I wanted to write Rig as someone who’s […]

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The Times (UK) Review of The Kaiju Preservation Society

The entire review is here (subscription required), but for those of you without subscriptions, just know that the review calls the novel “an escapist delight” and also that it may be the most “purely entertaining” book that I’ve written. Which, you know, was exactly what I was aiming for. I’m happy they liked it. Also, […]

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