The Times (UK) Review of The Kaiju Preservation Society

The entire review is here (subscription required), but for those of you without subscriptions, just know that the review calls the novel “an escapist delight” and also that it may be the most “purely entertaining” book that I’ve written. Which, you know, was exactly what I was aiming for. I’m happy they liked it.

Also, if you’re in the UK, Tor UK has a pre-order page up here.

— JS

9 Comments on “The Times (UK) Review of The Kaiju Preservation Society”

  1. If it’s what they’re going to use I do like cover for the UK edition but I still think I much prefer the one you’ve used in previous postings, the one with the blood-splattered ID and lanyard.

    Congratulations on another splendid work of art!

  2. FYI, I yielded to the unrelenting pressure (joke) and did pre-order. I like the ID tag cover better too. Maybe these cover designers have us figured out, regionally?

  3. Well, if The Times are right, and this is your most entertaining novel to date, I look forward to reading it.

    I find most of your writing rather entertaining to be honest. And your one-offs/not-intended-as-a-series books always provide more food for thought than the completed series.

    The Interdependency series wraps up nicely, with basically no unasswered questions. The Old man’s war universe mostly does as well. Though it leaves ONE question wide-open…

    Who ARE the assholes who made all the harsh calls about Colonial Union policy. We know the general in charge of the special forces wasn’t in the room, and neither were the two colonels who can get everything done…

    Who WAS in that room?

  4. I’m really fond of escapist delights, especially since we appear to be in serious danger of sinking into a fascist distopia. I’ve started rereading the Neal Stephenson Baroque Cycle, 4347 pages of historical absurdist fantasy.

    I can’t help but wonder if all the details of life in the late `1600s and early 1700s in Britain, Europe, America, etc is made up by Neal’s fervid imagination, or if he did historical research to make parts authentic, to support the imaginary bits. How can one tell the difference between the imaginary bits and the real historic bits?

    Anyway,, it’s very distracting, which is what I need right now. Looking forward to the release of the Kaiju story, sounds delish!

  5. wow… title for a short story… “blood-splattered ID and lanyard”

    …though I haven’t a clue what’s about… not yet

  6. Although I have had a Times subscription for nigh on a decade and agree it’s an excellent review I am somewhat distressed that a paper of record would include in an item about books released in February a title with a publication date five weeks from now on the 17th of March. By which time I will have been 62 for 5 days and will be awaiting my Amazon preorder.

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