Kaiju One Month Away; Review in Scientific American; Appearance at the American Writers Museum Festival

Look, Spice! A book!

As they say, three things make a post, and here are the three things!

1. The Kaiju Preservation Society comes out in exactly a month. And also exactly four weeks, because this is February, which has but 28 days, and that’s how it works. I can tell it’s coming out soon because I’m experiencing an uptick in promotional work I have to do: I wrote up a thing for the Tor blog, I did an interview for a magazine, and I’m recording two podcast appearances this week. I will attempt to blather charmingly. The release date does feel like it’s coming up fast, and not just because February is a short month. It’s also because after two years of mostly being at home, I am going to spend nearly all of March not at home, supporting this book and doing other things. It’s not “life back to normal,” but it certainly is “life, back to busy.”

2. Kaiju was reviewed in Scientific American. How cool is that? When I was a kid SciAm was the fancy science magazine (as opposed to the commoner touch of Discovery magazine), so now I feel like I’ve leveled up. And, the writer for the magazine has nice things to say about the book; they say “it’s as quippy as a Marvel movie and as awe-inspiring as Jurassic Park.” Excellent. I’m glad they think so. Here’s the review; scroll down to the bottom of the page.

3. In exactly three months, I’ll be in Chicago. Because I’ll be taking part in the first American Writers Festival, which is taking place to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the American Writers Museum. So you folks in the Chicagoland area who were sad your fair town was not on my tour schedule, well, be sad no more. I’ll see you soon! And, uh, also in September, for Worldcon. Chicago’s gonna see a lot of me this year.

— JS

7 Comments on “Kaiju One Month Away; Review in Scientific American; Appearance at the American Writers Museum Festival”

  1. A review in Scientific American! That to me is huge. My dad got that magazine and actually understood it. (PhD in physics gives one the background I guess.) Me? I was a commoner. Discovery magazine was the foyer to the main event. They let me listen in… ;-)

    Congratulations on the review.

  2. Pre-ordered on Apple Books, will probably pick up a hard copy at B&N the next time I’m in ‘Cruces or have my wife get a copy for me when she’s in town.

    It sucks living 90 minutes away from a book store outside of Walmart.

  3. Congrats on the review in Scientific American. Also congratulations on Kaiju being a March Library Reads pick! I’m one of many librarians who happily nominated Kaiju Preservation Society for the Library Reads list.