New Book and ARCs, 2/18/22

You like the sort of person who would enjoy a big ol’ stack of new books and ARCs, so: Here’s a stack for you! What here looks like just the thing to make you set aside your weekend plans and just read? Share in the comments.

17 Comments on “New Book and ARCs, 2/18/22”

  1. If you haven’t read “Seveneves” yet, I certainly recommend it. Actually kind of “normal” for a Stephenson book, although I like them all.

  2. Comeuppance Served Cold. Might have to put that on my TBR.

    Cold As Hell sounds like all the participants in my water aerobics class.

    “Oh, the water is cold!”

    Me: Run faster and use your arms!

    Reasons why I don’t teach anymore. :D

  3. I’m also curious why Seveneves is in the pile. It was published in 2016. Is there some reason you’ve received a copy now?

  4. These piles often contain new editions of old books, or books getting publicity because of a new forthcoming book in a series, and sometimes they just seem really random. That kind of looks like a new edition of Seveneves to me. And who knows, maybe there’s some upcoming news on the movie front (probably not, development hell is eternal for some).

    Anyhow, Seveneves is the thing that interests me there, even if it is yet another example of how Stephenson has trouble with endings.

  5. For newness, I ignore all the Subterranean press books.

    Surprised to see a very independent RPG on the stack. Somehow I missed Moonpunk, but it looks intriguing…

    John have you ever dabbled in Role Playing Games?

  6. Cold As Hell sounds too much like what I’m living through right now in Winnipeg. -20 deg C. on the thermometer but -27 with the windchill and a blizzard predicted for tomorrw. I need something warm. Maybe that Flames of Mira!!!

  7. Have always loved Neal Stephenson’s work — but not so much Seveneves. I’m currently rereading his Baroque Cycle megabook. I’m into pg 2579 of 4347. Killing a lot of time that needed to be killed.

    Will get into Mira Grant’s new piece, also Sweep of Stars looks good, I like space opera…

  8. The Subterranean Press editions are really nice.

    I’m looking forward to Mira Grant’s Square3 which should be just the thing to read while waiting for Kaiju Preservation Society.

  9. The Subterranean Press books always look very nice, whether they’re first or publication or fancy limited edition reprints. The “plain” version of this edition of Seveneves goes for $150 and the deluxe is $750 – but if I’m reading the “out of stock” notice on the site properly, this edition of Seveneves has sold out prior to its release. (?)

    There’s a lot of passion in fandom, and also in publishing … anyway it’s always interesting to see what SP is up to.

    (Currently reading: Termination Shock. As it happens.)

  10. I’m afraid I’m another person who bounced off Seveneves. Ah well – not all books are for all people.

  11. Book of Night looks like an interesting urban fantasy. I like the idea of “shadow magicians.”

  12. A new book by Nancy Werlin! All of her novels are clever, intricate puzzles with interesting characters.

  13. Picked Seveneves up in a second hand bookshop while on holiday last year and it is one of the best books I’ve read… well, in a good long time.

    Give it a go, it’s awesome!

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