Okay, But, Seriously, What the Hell is Going On With My Shadow Here

I’m genuinely confused as to what’s actually happening here, and I crave your insight. Help me in this moment of crisis.

— JS

42 Comments on “Okay, But, Seriously, What the Hell is Going On With My Shadow Here”

  1. You are right to be genuinely confused, because that’s not actually your shadow. The Little Teapot stance is deceptive. If you look closely at the top of the teapot — the knob on the lid — you’ll see the demon face, which explains everything.

  2. Seriously? Scalzi, are you sure you haven’t been hitting the sauce? It’s just the angle of the sun with your mailbox.

  3. So, as best I can tell, you have a duck on your left shoulder, & a bald eagle on your right wrist.

  4. Due to Presidents’ Day, your regular shadow was unavailable. The backup shadow usually works nights and was trying to get the hang of this sunlight.

  5. Obviously you are wearing a dress, carrying a BFG and seem to have been afflicted with some sort of post apocalyptic shriveling disease of your left arm.

    In other words, it’s a Monday.

  6. Well, your right arm has been replaced by either a mailbox or a rail gun and your left arm is like “whatevs”.

  7. You’ve been assimilated. You are now one with the USPS. Neither rain, not sleet, nor snow will keep you from delivering.

  8. Dear John,

    You’ve been upgraded. That is your brand spankin’ new laser cannon arm!

    Use it not wisely but too well.

    pax / Ctein

  9. I’ll bite at the bait. Your yard is uphill from the mailbox and you have a small drainage ditch running across the front of the photo. The angle of the sun makes the mailbox look huge because the door looks like part of the box. Your shadow looks short because it’s all on the downhill portion of the ditch and the POV of the camera matches the angle of the ditch visually shortening your shadow.

  10. If I was describing it in DnD, I’d say it was a shadow of a mad wizard of some sort. Everyone roll for initiative!

  11. Is there an elephant behind you? Their trunk is clearly casting a shadow.

    (The next pet in the Scalzi Compound: little elephant escapes from a crooked circus, finds loving new home!)

  12. The trees are casting shadows (approximately) towards you, while you are casting a shadow towards the house. Reflection off your car?

  13. see, what ya got there is some kinda heliocausality interacting with topography. It’s very sciencey.

  14. Well, it looks to me like those branches must be higher than we can see, so it’s high branches apparently casting a shadow from a different direction. I like Granny Roberta’s explanation too. I hope the angst doesn’t interfere too much with your regular routine.

  15. Can you replicate the shadow on another day at the sae time?

    I too am quite puzzled by the direction of the tree shadows.

  16. (Situation A): You walked all the way to the mailbox & opened to realize that its a bank/national holiday & were cursing yourself for having taken the unnecessary exercise.

    (Situation B): You were informed that you had received an important package in your mailbox, walked down to find it empty @ the exact same moment that Krissy sent you a text stating that she grabbed said package on her way out that morning & now has it safely in her possession, thereby FORCING you to WAIT to get said gem, a new multi-fret board slider that you were going to go play with on the (now slightly old) mega-super-guitar. (damnit Krissy, will your efficiency EVER know a boundary?!?!)

  17. Oooo! Is that a Pontiac Aztek in the background? I feel sorry for anyone who has to mow a lawn like that.

  18. Anthropogenic Climate Destabilization has resulted in a distinct lack of snow on the ground.

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