KPS Author Copies Are Here

The Kaiju Preservation Society, with cat for scale

And it looks fabulous, as of course it would. It’s a really real book now! That exists in the world! And, no, that never gets old. By tradition, Krissy gets the first copy of the book out of the box; the one you see here is #2.

Mind you, the rest of you still have to wait two weeks until you get your own copies. Be strong until then!

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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My husband and I read the ARC aloud to each other in the bathtub (part of our morning ritual is to read to each other, so it’s not QUITE as weird as it sounds). We zoomed through it in less than a month, and enjoyed it very much. It’s a fun read. Bella and Edward forever!💕
The rest of you can now be jealous. Neener, neener!

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