What I Did With My Wednesday

I signed a shitload of books. Here are some but not all of them. If you ordered a signed copy of Kaiju from Subterranean Press, it has now been signed and will be on its way to you presently (timed to arrived on or near the actual date of publication). I drove to Michigan to do this and then because I needed to be home tomorrow for JoCo Cruise stuff, I drove home. I’m tired now. I think I’ll go to bed.

— JS

14 Comments on “What I Did With My Wednesday”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I’m pretty sure you’d make just as much money selling me an unsigned copy, so this just makes it more fun for me when I receive my signed copy soon!

  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you for crafting this extraordinary story! Absolutely enthralled with the preview you made available, have been on pins and needles for the remainder! Sleep well, dream well!

  3. Well that’s just great. Amazon is shipping on 3/15 so I’ll get it just before my scion’s wedding. Well, they’re used to me nodding off in church or sneaking a novel into the hymnal. I’m sure it won’t be a problem if I refer to my new son-in-law as ‘Kaiju’ during the toast. Seriously though, congratulations, John. I’m looking forward to this one.

  4. I’m 95% certain I saw SubPress books at the same printer I use last time I was on a plant tour, So I’m guessing that was where you went.

    That’s a long drive to do round-trip in one day with all that book-signing in between. I hope you got some well deserved rest!

  5. humble brag?

    tongue-in-cheek complaint?

    droll jadedness?

    no matter… the rest of us all wish we had your sore arm so long as it is for having the same reason… sounds like another good mover possibly NYT best seller

    I await sales of the e-book

    mozel tov

  6. Honest question: how do you do this without some kind of RSI? My wrist, elbow and shoulder are twinging just looking at that stack 😮

  7. Avdi Grimm:

    The signature is designed with actually a relative minimum of wrist movement. I did actually get a back cramp while signing, which I solved by standing up for a while.

  8. Geeze, I just signed 100 bookplates for a bunch of my late father’s books, and that took multiple sessions over a couple of days. My hat’s off to you!

  9. I just tried to get a signed copy from Subterranean Press but they just give me a 404 error.

    Any other way to get a signed copy of your upcoming book?

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