Vacation Mode is [ON]

I’m off to the JoCo Cruise for the next week, and while I have populated in the Big Idea pieces between now and when I return, you probably shouldn’t expect too much else here from me between now and then, unless I decide to torture you with pictures of tropical paradise and what not. Likewise, I might occasionally pop into Twitter now and again, but you really shouldn’t count on it. Don’t worry, there’s a whole Internet to keep you busy until I get back. Try some of that for a bit.

Otherwise, see you in just over a week. Just in time for my book release, in fact. Wheeee!

— JS

12 Comments on “Vacation Mode is [ON]”

  1. Before anyone asks, we have house sitters, so the pets will be fine. Also, the neighbors are happy to shoot people they don’t know who might show up at the house. Rural living!

  2. Someone seems to have left their clothing on Smudge’s bed. That’s not going to work out well.

    Don’t worry, there’s a whole Internet to keep you busy until I get back.

    Ugh. Have you seen that internet? It’s like bathing in raw sewage. Swimming against the turd. Now my shower needs a shower.

  3. Enjoy the cruise! Here’s hoping you have no cancelled signing tours like last time. And a smoother voyage!

  4. Happily, I have a library card, so, yeah, I’m good… (Hey, Smudge, hide the lint brush. He won’t need that hehehehehe)

  5. Oh, good! You’re packing Smudge – glad to see you have your priorities in order.

    Enjoy your cruise, and don’t let COVID Decepticon get you!

  6. Our last cat, Max (RIP), loved a box, a sack, and a basket, but he liked nothing more than a suitcase. Didn’t matter if it was open or closed, if there was a suitcase on the floor or bed, he’d be right there in it or on it.

    [Hotel cleaning staff all over the world (except Antarctica), sorry for all the cat hair!]

  7. I have to ask: Do you warn your neighbors when you’ve got visitors coming so that the visitors can arrive safely?

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