Russian Royalties

I’ve had a few people note I have book sales in Russia, and were curious what my thoughts were about that given the Russian invasion of Ukraine. So, with respect to my Russian sales:

1. I’ve instructed my agent to pause any contracts currently under negotiation in Russia and Belarus, and halt sales of future books (including renewals) into both countries.

2. Any royalties I receive from Russia/Belarus from already existing contracts will, for the duration, be donated to charities relating to Ukraine and/or refugees.

3. In advance of those royalty statements, I’ll be donating $1,000 to aforementioned charities, to be decided when I’m back at home and can make some responsible choices there.

That’s what I think about that.

(I’m on vacation now and my day will be spent being shuffled onto a cruise liner, which means I won’t have time to sit on a discussion thread, so I’ll be disabling comments on this post. I’m sure I’ll have other posts on this matter in the future.)

— JS

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